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Scanz Technologies is a specialised supply company servicing the Australiasian food industry. Particluar emphasis is focused on aquaculture technology for land-based, off-shore and intensive recirculation fish farms and hatcheries.





Company Profile

Scanz Technologies was Incorporated in 1987 by Tony Rumbold and two minority investors, the company is now totally owned by Tony Rumbold. It is a specialized supply company focussing on food proteins, for both the New Zealand and Australian fish (including Aquaculture), meat and dairy industries.

The name SCANZ is an acronym derived from Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. Scandinavia still plays an important part in sourcing technology.

In 2004 SCANZ Technologies Pty Ltd was formed in Australia to provide more of a presence in that market – its emphasis is on the burgeoning Aquaculture industry but other market segments are also catered for.
SCANZ has also broadened its activities to include some food additives, particularly flavours for the ice cream industry.
Project implementation is lead by Tony Rumbold and supported by technical representation from its technology partners and other industry specialists.

Tony Rumbold – Managing Director

Tony Rumbold comes from a long history of working in the food industry – since 1972. He is well known in the New Zealand industry and a professional member of the N.Z. Institute of Food Science and Technology.


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Specialized Resource Industry Specialists

John Cassidy – mechanical engineer with extensive experience in both Scotland and New Zealand covering fish, meat and brewing industries. John has been factory trained by a number of Scanz principals. Specializes in commissioning and start up.

Stephen Low – production engineer and MBA. Stephen supports Scanz on a project by project basis focusing on the dairy industry and packaging applications.

Scanz has dedicated technical support in Australia based on project implementation requirements. This is nation wide.

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Partners Programme  Agency development

Extensive research is carried out on new technology partners & their developments. SCANZ strives to remain a market leader within its supply program [especially based around proteins.

Selected technology partners are global companies working in international markets and in most cases are world leaders in their field. Scanz has developed significant and proven long term relationships with key suppliers based on world class engineering & solutions.

A substantial database of suppliers / partners around the world provides Scanz with efficient process know how and effective client response time.


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