IQF shredded cheese, Eltham, NZ
Pumping live Salmon, Marlborough, NZ
Hatchery pump, Tasmania, Australia
( Left-Right) Louie Owens, Aqualife Products USA

Tony Rumbold, Scanz Technologies

Welcome to Scanz Technologies Limited

Scanz Technologies is a specialised supply company servicing the Australiasian food industry. Particluar emphasis is focused on aquaculture technology for land-based, off-shore and intensive recirculation fish farms and hatcheries.

Incorporated in 1987 by Tony Rumbold and two minority investors, the company is now totally owned by Tony Rumbold. It is a specialized supply company focussing on food proteins, for both the New Zealand and Australian fish (including Aquaculture), meat and dairy industries.

The name SCANZ is an acronym derived from Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. Scandinavia still plays an important part in sourcing technology.