Waste & Water Treatment

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Scanz Technologies is a specialised supply company servicing the Australiasian food industry. Particluar emphasis is focused on aquaculture technology for land-based, off-shore and intensive recirculation fish farms and hatcheries.




Waste & Water Treatment

AQUA is specialised in the industrial treatment of process waster water and sludge. Owing to its strong ties with the Stork group, active in such fields as food production and textile refinement, AQUA has extensive and advanced knowledge of industrial production processes.


AQUA can therefore provide its clients with tailored solutions for all phases of a production process, in the form of sub-trajectories or as integral end-of-pipe projects. The following objects are pivotal for all processes, from process water preparation through to purposeful treatment of waste water and collecting and processing separated sludge:


  • Reduction of water consumption;
  • Minimisation of initial and operational costs
  • Less energy consumption and work
  • Purposeful implementation of systems and cmoponents


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Biomax Technologies has developed a breakthrough technology that converts organic wastes into 100% premium grade organic fertilizer at high temperature within 24 hours. The technology, called the Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System, is the fastest process so far in organic waste treatment industry. Based in Singapore, we are highly committed in our research and development which innovates various enzyme-based solutions to support sustainable business operations. Our technology works hard so you can focus on what matters most to your business.


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